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DILOROM SAYDAMINOVA, embarking on an independent creative path in the late 1960s, ac­tively joins the musical-social life of Uzbekistan. Characterizing her large and many-sided activity, it can be said that the M artistic credo of D.Saydaminova implies such purposes as pithi­ness, high professionalism, a search for the ways of organic entrance of the national music lan­guage into international world of music.

D.Saydaminova (born in Tashkent in 1943) after finishing the music-school named af­ter E.Uspenski, entered the Tashkent State Con­servatory named after M.Ashrafi, going to be specialized in piano (class of Prof. A.M.Litvinov) and composition (class of B.I.Zeidman). From 1968 to 1971 D.Saydaminova increases her pro­fessional level in the assistance-probation under the supervision of B.I.Zeidman.

The bent of the young composer to the instrumental music was already determined in her student days. D.Saydaminova is the author of two symphonies, two concertos for piano and orches­tra, overtures, symphonic poems. The composer's works for piano, which possess a firm place in the concert and pedagogic repertoire of pianists, are very popular. These works are "The Walls of Ancient Bukhara", "The Frescos of Afrasiab" series, "Dedication to the Poet", "Poem" concerto pieces, sonatina and lots of miniatures.

D.Saydaminova also fruitfully works in the field of cinema music, variety song and vocal-chorus music

A successful participation, ill the inter­national competition of composers in Basel (1998), where D.Saydaminova was awarded the 2nd prize for the "Following in Francesca’s trace” chamber-vocal composition, witnesses the great creative potential of the composer.