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RUSTAM ABDULLAEV – is the Honoured Аrt Worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a laureate of the Repub­lic State Prize, possesses a distinguished place among Uzbek composers. He has composed compositions of various forms and genres, many of which thanks to the novelty, vividness and expressiveness of their sound were highly appre­ciated by the audience.

The composer was born in Khiva, in 1947. After graduating the Conservatory he was specialized on composition, under supervision of Prof. B.Gienko, then contined his Master’s degree under supervision of prof. B.Zeidman.

R.Abdullaev is the author of three operas - “Sadokat”, “Khiva”, “Shodimulk”, ballet “Don't hurry, Sun”, ten symphonic poems, such as “Memory of Alisher Navoi”, “Taras Shevchenko”, “Love’s poem”, a Polyphonic Symphony for chamber orchestra, five conserts for piano and orchestra, five vocal cycles – -"The Cry of Hiroshima", “Khijron” (“Separation”), “A Thought about Mothers”, more than 100 romances and songs, chorus compositions, more than 60 songs for children and etc.

The composer pays a particular attention piano in the field of instrumental music. He composed preludes and fugues, variations, a so­nata, various concerto pieces, which were entered on training and concert repertoire of pianists of the Republic.

The music of R,Abdullaev is character­ized by a deep national base. But his leaning on Uzbek national folk, in particular on its Horezm traditions, is shown more deeply, through the prism of the author's individual vi­sion, his own interpretation.

R.Abdullaev is the Chairman of the Composers Union of Uzbekistan, the assistenant professor at the faculty of composition and instrumentation at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

Compositions of R.Abdullaev were perfomed in USA, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Korea and Bangkok.