"Only music has the power to shape the character ... With music, you can teach yourself to develop the right feelings" Aristotle

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For each composer, it is important that his work was in demand, was the response and understanding among his contemporaries, among his colleagues and became known as the greater number of lovers of modern music. Today the Internet provides all possibilities for this, and so we decided to create a website of our Union of composers and bastakors of Uzbekistan, the largest compositional organization of the country. 
Want information about us - composers and musicologists, about the activities of our organization, its past and present, was available to all.
On this site you can share information about composers and musicologists, to exchange views and to become creators of news in the world of contemporary classical music.
We welcome your ideas, suggestions and cooperation!



28 may birthday: Янов-Яновский Феликс Маркович.
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31 may birthday: Янов-Яновская Наталья Соломоновна.
Dear prepare gifts!

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